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The women had been working as volunteer teachers at a primary school on island.

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From elegant colonial furniture over rich Arabian textiles and colourful African fabrics to Portuguese porcelain - Anna combines these influences and creates a warm and homely atmosphere in a breathtaking setting on the powdery white beaches of the Swahili coast.

With only five villas spread in our tropical garden, Anna of Zanzibar guarantees privacy and exclusivity.

Many situations arise like when they found a baby on their doorstep or take in a rebellious youth or when Donna tries to patch up marital spats among friends.

Although it lasted in the Sixties, this was the typical family Pleasantiville-style sitcom of the Fifties, along with Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, My Three Sons, and Father Knows Best.

They have since been put on a flight back to the UK where they will receive specialist treatment for their injuries.

Zanzibar has experienced a bout of violence between Christians and Muslims in recent months, though authorities did not immediately provide a motive for the attack.The crime rates are therefore expected to be higher than other African destinations like Botswana for example, which has very few people and a very low level of tourism." He added: "Is it a more difficult country for people to visit than Botswana? But is it an absolutely dangerous place for people to visit?No." The US State Department is also warning of the possibility of political unrest as voters register for elections due in October this year: "Past elections in Zanzibar have featured violence during the campaign season".Mercury was always in his best form at concerts after emotional conflict.Before a show at the Milton Keynes Bowl, Mercury got into a massive argument with his current beau, Bill Reid, that culminated with Reid biting Mercury’s hand so hard that it left teeth marks and bled profusely.That view is echoed by the Foreign Office – which warns of "robberies, some accompanied with violence, occurring on popular tourist beaches".

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