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My dating sims history is what some might call…unconventional.One of them includes the sweet love story of a nervous high school student going on a date with her crush, who happens to be an equally shy and bashful Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Another is the wildly popular , which puts you in the shoes of yet another anxious high school student who is enrolling into St.

Pigeo Nation’s Institute, an elite school for pigeons.

First proposed as a free social media dating simulator, Cloud Girlfriend still offers a faux “girlfriend experience” but leaves us wondering why we’d need to meet yet another fake profile - and why Cloud Girlfriend didn't take their dating sim lessons from Japan.

Cloud Girlfriend’s email today announced “Cloud Girlfriend Open To All” and I have to wonder if they checked the double-entendre before it went out the door.

These simulators are used in the simulation of networking protocols and especially so for ad-hoc networks.

In discrete-event simulation (DES), the operation of a system is represented as a chronological sequence of events.

More specifically, it’s a school for male birds, and you’re a human girl so…romance is in the air.

Will you choose the snooty bird with foreign airs and graces, the school bad boybird and charmer, the pudding-obsessed weirdo, or your best friend?

It seems game developers took it quite literally when they said ‘love knows no boundaries’, and so while some of these dating sims are on the weird but interesting spectrum, there are some that are just borderline creepy. You’re the only human in a world of birds (very fun), and you must navigate through schoolgirl quandaries in the prestigious St.

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