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Deadly Boss Mods- Real time boss encounter updates, timers, yard counter and more. It keeps your combat log working and supports addons like Recount, MSBT and other combat log dependent ones.

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Don't assume We know what you're talking about with some three word report. Much enchanced from Nymbia's Perl Unit Frames, and a complete replacement for Blizzard's default unit frames, including raid frames and raid tools, with little remaining of the original Nymbia code.

Much care has been taken with code size, memory load, memory usage per cycle and so on.

Shows selected classes (defaults to healer classes) in a list (much like the MT List), but with some differences. The secondary bar will extend downwards from their current HP level down to as far as zero.

A green name on the targets indicates this is the same target that you have.

Bind Pad - Increases the number of letters you can use in a macro.

Class Portraits - Class icons instead of default portraits.

All bars can be re-sized in Z-Perl main options (Monitor section).

Totals can be toggled (from the 'T' minibutton at top of frame) which gives overview of raid mana status.

In this article updated June 2001, find out about more than 20 of the essential tools, libraries, and modules needed for XML development with Perl.

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