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The Std In Parse utility can be used to call it from the command line.

Also, a commenter below points to this more complete wrapper utility.

xml validating parser mac-61

Xerces is widely considered the best open-source XML parser and is used in many enterprise servers.

Most of the XML schema-related errors are reported with a descriptive message and also a pointer (URL) to the exact location in the W3C XML Schema specification that is related to that error.

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Working with large projects or a vast number of files increases the probability that errors will occur.

Identifying and resolving errors in your project can be time consuming and frustrating.

The XML is displayed in three different views: The included text editor is usefull for editing plain text files (shell scripts, ini and config files, etcetera).

Mac OS users can open and edit their plist files, even when they are in binary format.

XMLSpear is a free XML editor with real-time validation.

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