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In other words, Xcode manages this information internally, it does not create corresponding folders on the file system.In a recent application I was working with large sets of images.

You can either add it as the default yellow ‘group’ or as a blue ‘folder reference’.

The problem is, that both have pretty major limitations (and bugs).

For example, in the image below, I’ve created a number of groups for separating the primary functionality of an application into model classes and views.

Although this is nice, for the most part the file structure as stored on the system is still flat.

But, Xcode’s directory management is broken enough to become really annoying in larger projects. Usually when you want to have an image or sound or any other resource in your i Phone application, you add it to Xcode, it is silently added to the ‘Copy Bundle Resources’ build phase, it might get converted or stripped back (pngs get quite heavily modified) and then gets copied into the app bundle.

You can then access it at runtime with NSBundle methods. The problem only shows up when you want to have some kind of directory structure on disk.Perhaps you want to switch between different versions of resources, or simply like to be a little more organized than having all of your resources at one level in one big-ass directory.Xcode offers two options when you add a directory to the project.The question was, how to best manage all the images within Xcode such that I could leverage the inherent nature of folders and sub-folders on the file system. From the figure above you can get an idea of how I chose to break down the content.There was a total of 12 models, for each model there were up to 40 images in the folder /coverflow (see the image on the right), a separate folder for wallpaper images, with an image that corresponds to each coverflow image, as well as a handful of other images such a headshot, Menu Button, etc.On the file system this is a logical breakdown of content, and if I were to use this same structure within the application I could build a path to the appropriate folder in the resource bundle using an index value to specify which folder I am after (/Model-01, /Model-02, etc).

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