Xbox 360 keeps updating

I've tried using my work HDD, no different, no network, nada, no disc in, zip!

Xbox 360 keeps updating

i keep loosing my worlds because i can't load them anymore because it just freezes and I have to turn my xbox off to create a new world so i can play, finally i just deleted all my worlds and started over. Before accepting the updates, exit and make backup copies of your world(s) on an alternate device (USB) using the copy feature available through the main Xbox dashboard (under settings - storage - inside your Minecraft folder).

So, i created a new world, then the other day it updates again..guess what!?!? Make sure that the profile you are signed in with matches exactly the profile that created/owns the world save file (indicated just under the file size).

To be honest, several people report corruption issues, but I personally have not had a single file corrupted in this way (i.e.

freezing on the load screen) since I started playing on the Xbox in 2012.

I do back up my files before updating and I always back right out of the game before turning off my Xbox.

Unfortunately, saving to a USB after you've already accepted the update once is like trying to close the barn door after all the horses have already fled. Backing up prior to the update gives you an untouched file to copy back onto the hard drive if the one on the hard drive gets damaged by the update process, but if the files have become damaged during the update process, the damage is done and there is no way that I'm aware of that it can be undone.If not, please respond that we can look for other possible solutions.To make sure that no corrupt data causing your issue, you should clear your cache: This is not fixed why is it marked solved?If I happen to put in an Xbox-360 game that I haven't played for over 2 weeks or so, I always get an update to the game.It disconnects me from live and restarts (Which I despise because it never reconnects to my group chat after).I have played at LAN parties and my Xbox seems to be the only one in the group updating the games.

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