Xbmc library not updating mysql

With the Pi Dome Home Automation/Domotica project we try to create a transparent home automation environment for the raspberry pi for end users as well as for developers and/or hobbyists.

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Xbmc library not updating mysql

I was thinking of buying a low priced DS (like the DS 212j) for testing when I discovered a community project called XPEnology.

XPEnology is a modified Synology DSM firmware which runs on virtual hardware (and some physical hardware to), of course without any support from Synology but great for testing.

In this post I'll guide you to the process of installing Synology DSM inside a virtual machine.

First we need some virtualisation software to run the virtual machine.

I work a lot with VMware products but because VMware doesn't support virtualized SATA controllers I can't use that.

A (free) alternative is Oracle VM Virtual Box, this piece of software from Oracle does support virtualized SATA controllers and disks and the XPEnology download contains a pre-configured virtual disk for VM Virtual Box.

Net is a high performance Json-Rpc 2.0 server, leveraging the popular JSON.

This project has moved to Git Hub, and this site is not longer being maintained.

Another vulnerability in the HTML_AJAX package has been found which potentially allows remote code execution.

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