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Spoon Rocket informed its investors it’s shutting down its on-demand pre-made meal delivery service after failing to raise the necessary capital to continue operations.

[Update: Co-founder Steven Hsiao confirmed Spoon Rocket’s shut down.

Spoon Rocket raised $13.5 million through a 2013 seed from Y Combinator and several angels, and a 2014 Series A from Foundation Capital, Base Ventures and Sherpa Capital.

The startup will liquidate material assets to pay back some creditors, but doesn’t have remaining venture capital to hand back to investors.

The startup found an unnamed quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain to acquire it, Hsiao tells me.

But the acquirer abandoned the deal, leaving Spoon Rocket to die.

Cofounder Brian Schechter explained that we’re heading into a post-Tinder era, where the overloaded inbox and back-and-forth messaging become more annoying than effective.

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