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The data comes from more than 20 of the top dating apps.

Based on an analysis of nearly 3 billion dating app Northad impressions across more than 1 million app installs and 3.4 million post-install events over the entire year of 2016.

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Vasily Vasilievsky, who was the first to publish the text in 1893, attributed it to Ignatios the Deacon (ca. Alexander Vasiliev pointed out that Emperor Theophilus provided for the safe conduct of the Rus', who had somehow arrived at Constantinople (ca.

838), through Frankish lands by his embassy to Louis the Pious of 839, as witnessed to by the Annals of St.

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She also equaled a 9.900 on balance beam from earlier this season at No.

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The Paphlagonian expedition of the Rus' was an attack by the Rus' on cities on the Propontis (Sea of Marmara) and on the coast of the Paphlagonia, marking the first known contact between the Rus' and the Byzantine Empire.

Its date is questioned, as is the belief that it was distinct from the Rus'–Byzantine War (860).

Liftoff has released an infographic (below) illuminating trends in mobile dating behavior.

The data shows that North Americans are the most “swipe-happy” when it comes to mobile dating apps, with women in general being the most profitable users.

At one time or another, we have thought about that old saying, "Love is blind." It might have been at that miserably mismatched wedding you attended; or, when your best friend forgave his girlfriend (her boyfriend) the hundredth time for the SAME CRIME; or, after your divorce, and after looking back with analytic contemplation, you finally saw the warning signals of the person you ended up marrying; or, perhaps it occurred within the depths of your own soul when you had someone you love break your trust.

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