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standard in continental Europe until the end of the 20st century; see images 1-7.

In the UK and US comparable designs have been used, but pin spacing and pin diameter may differ. (Hollandse Apparaten Fabriek = Dutch Appliances Factory in Rotterdam, later in Ede). It consists of two Bakelite halves that are kept together with three aluminum cases. Wires have to be pressed between two metal parts of each connector tube (see no. The connector carries the French name "La Prise Blinde", literally translated "The Armoured Plug". Russian appliance connector made of black plastic with porcelain tip.

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Tijdens het vasten besef ik elke keer weer hoeveel tijd mijn lijf eigenlijk van mij vraagt gedurende mijn dagelijkse beslommeringen.

Alleen de tijd dat ik bijvoorbeeld bezig ben met het bereiden en opeten van voedsel kost me bij elkaar geteld een halve dag.

Ik sta met al mijn zelfverzekerdheid voor de deur, groet de intercedente met een big smile, zo big totdat mijn ivoorwitte tanden die ik regelmatig flos, genoeg bewonderd kunnen worden.

Uiteraard sta ik daar met mijn allermooiste chanel-pakje en pradaschoentjes.

* the company, founded in 1892, also used the brand names Goltone (see nos. Volex is now a part of the Electrium Group, that is owned by Siemens AG, UK. * PDL (Plastic and Die Castings, Christchurch, New Zealand) is a part of Schneider Electric Group and has branches in Australia and New Zealand. The classic looking model has been produced to at least the 1970s. company is not related to the British General Electric Company. The 3.3 feet (1 m) flex cord has a NEMA 1-15 wall plug. * NOMA was formed in 1925 as the National Outfit Manufacturer's Association, but since 1967 excists only as a licensed trademark, that is currently held by Inliten LLC, Glenview, Illinois, US.

Appliance connector with 2-pole switch, rated at 6A - 250V, made in England by Goltone (see also no. The push type switch consists of a porcelain bar with 4 notches on both sides. Round appliance connector with earth strips, rated at 10A - 250V. Sunbeam* connector with earth clips, rated at 7.5A - 250V. The 'top' (side with white plastic grip) has an upright lip (see inset). It might be that the tip is a part of system to secure the plug when connected to the pan, but details are unknown. * General Electric was formed in 1892 through a merger of Edison General Electric Company in Schenectady, NY and Thomson-Houston Electric Company in Lynn, MA.

If dating in past generations was local and linear, dating in the future will be globally connected and beyond control.

This makes us wonder, is technology causing us to behave more sexually?

Since its inception in 2006, we achieved an excellent relationship with suppliers and clients through integrity, commitment, efficiency, respect and responsibility.

A thorough analysis of world supply and demand of the individual commodities, technical factors, quality, political and economic developments gives us a further insight into future price expectations.

Nou, daar sta ik dan..afgestudeerd, met mijn diploma op zak, klaar om carrière te maken!

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