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For MVVM Cross specifically, the subscription uses weak references, meaning that as soon as `_subscription Tag` goes out of scope, it will be garbage collected, and will effectively unsubscribe (which is why it needs to be class level in the first place).

Having said that, personally, I prefer things to happen in code when I tell them to, and not at some undefined and unpredictable point in the future; so, to unsubscribe: Because `IMvx Messenger` is registered as a singleton, once you resolve it, you should be able to publish this from anywhere.

The code snippet below also show some C# specific techniques, namely: anonymous delegates and extension methods.

I'm trying to do my apps in any type of XAML these days since I finally think I "got it".

and I will write my puny little test apps in WPF, even if they are just as ugly as my Windows Forms apps used to be.

Now, I'm writing this cool little app and I want to do some interesting stuff in the background (my apps may be ugly, but at least they are responsive).A Word About Threading Okay, so this will all work, but where the task runs on the UI thread, you probably won’t see it update.Sometime in the past, a friend asked me how to update a control to show status while his code is doing a loop of stuff. But there isn’t really a manual for it, especially if you want to follow MVVM. So I am going to make a little application that counts from zero to ten and tracks the progress. The Problem Basically, communicating between view models without tightly coupling them together. If you decide to do it that way then you will need to inject the messenger object into the subscriber and publisher (it has to be the same instance).

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