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When I add items in the Players constructor the items are displayed fine.

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I have what I believe should be simple two-way databinding in WPF setup, but the listbox (target) is not updating as the collection changes.

I'm setting this Items Source of the List Box programmatically: When I initially set the Items Source, the List Box (which is not visible at the time) gets its items set.

Similar to @Blam, I suspect that the Has Information implementation in the IItem interface does not implement INotify Property Changed.

Just because you use an Observable Collection does not mean that when a property in a contained item changes that the List Box or other elements will get notified.

Now, when I change a property which influences the To String, I'd like to get the List Box to update.

method isn't the way that WPF was intended to work.When the m_Variable List is given a new instance, or pointed to a new object, it is not reflected in the List Box because the control has its own reference to the data.This may not be the cause of your problem, but I'd recommend looking over your code-behind to ensure that the variable is not getting re-instantiated.However, if I go view the List Box, updates seem to stop at that point. The problem is not in the XAML that you have provided.I can then remove an item from the m_Variable List collection, and it does not disappear from the List Box. I used the same XAML successfully in a test application; however, I was able to replicate the issue you are experiencing by re-instantiating the m_Variable List variable. INotify Property Changed The most important thing to note is that you should raise the When working with Data Models you have to be sure the model is complete at intial load. Data Context = main View Model and some parts of you main View Model are NOT loaded (=null) then you are not able to bind them.

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