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STAGE TWO: Progressive discipline This is the stage when abuse becomes normalized because the abuser is in a position of power, and technically behaving legally.

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Employers have a right to see an individual's criminal record before hiring them. The decision not to hire someone based on his or her criminal record must be related to the job, meaning the criminal record indicated that the person could be a liability in that position.

Also, in most cases, an employer may not use arrest records in hiring decisions and cannot view expunged crimes, meaning crimes that have been removed from a criminal record.

I believe the incident that triggered my bully was when my coworker had a last-minute opportunity to take an international trip the same week I that had taken off for a trip.

He asked to switch our time off, and, after I said no, he started treating me differently.

Furthermore, a recent campaign known as "Ban the Box" has encouraged over 100 cities and counties 18 states, and federal employers to remove questions about criminal history from job applications, pushing background checks to later in the hiring process and after an individual is given a chance to fairly present their qualifications.

To learn more about criminal records, read below: A criminal record is documentation of a person's criminal history compiled on local, state, and federal levels by law enforcement agencies. I had been a great employee; I was even awarded Employee of the Month!After awhile, I became the person who knew the job inside and out, and could do it in my sleep. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, targets are usually independent, ethical, nurturing, "'go-to' veteran workers to whom new employees turn for guidance." That was me in a nutshell.Check them out as well Speak clearly without shouting.Loud people are a vexation Say, “Please; Thank you; You’re welcome”, as part of your everyday courtesy Be discreet and compassionate in your criticism of a co-worker Don’t gossip about any co-worker’s private life Do not try to sell things to your colleagues Don’t hover around while waiting for a co-worker to get off the phone.That is why, having an understanding of the varied communication barriers will help.

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