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WORCESTER (CBS) – It’s called Meet Me and the app boasts it can connect you to people near you, to chat and share your interests.Jessica in Worcester says, “I see everyone going on those things to see if people are cute or not.” Apps like Meet Me or Tinder that connect singles, are getting more and more popular.

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In three new videos, the celebrities learn the tricks of email and telephone scammers and number spoofing - and top tips so that you are not caught out.

The videos from Financial Fraud UK come as official statistics reveal there were 3.6million cases of fraud last year - and two million computer misuse offences.

The gallery’s photographic collection is very much of the twentieth century, but not without references to earlier times and other works in the collection.

Polixeni Papapetrou’s photograph In the Wimmera 1864 #1 created in 2006 examines the narrative of the ‘lost child’ and refers to Frederick Mc Cubbin’s late nineteenth century paintings of children ‘lost’ or at least wandering absent-mindedly through the Australian bush.

The hub has guides, the latest scams to watch out for and videos to help keep the fraudsters at bay.

The bogus emails (right) - likely to have been sent to thousands of people - are aimed at stealing your bank details by making people think someone has gone shopping using your Apple account.

Jessica says, “I used to go on the app to see how cute guys were sometimes but I’ve never met a guy from the web sites I know how dangerous it can be.” The man who was stabbed will be fine.

Police are working with the victims to develop a better description of the attackers.

“I can’t believe that happened here.” People in the building say they normally feel safe, but Police want the warning out.

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