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By default, every conversation is limited to 90 seconds and costs you one flik.

If, however, you decide that you want to talk for longer, you can go on a virtual “date” without time limits.

He also had trouble with impulse control and lacked the capacity to understand right from wrong.

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MILWAUKEE — The first time I went to Wolski’s Tavern, it felt inevitable.

Hitting the iconic Milwaukee bar at the end of a bar crawl is something of a rite of passage in a city drowning in places to drink, and I felt the time had come to jump on the bandwagon.

The Flikdate team gave me a demo of the service earlier this week and it turns out the app is about as easy to use as it gets.

You simply sign up with your Facebook login (no worries, the app doesn’t post to your wall or access any of your data), tell the service if you want to chat with men or women, and after that, it just takes one click to get started.

It includes several extensions to the version pubslished at the ECB.

New evidence on energy-growth nexus in China can be found in the paper co-authored by Zheng Fang.

When Esquire named Milwaukee the bar city of the year a few years back, Wolski’s was listed among the handful that defined the city’s drinking scene.

For those doubting Esquire’s provenance over the midwest, my mom, a native Milwaukeean, vouches for the bar as well, and for good reason.

I went to high school in the city, and college an hour away, but it took until I’d decamped to the East Coast and was back on a visit for me to finally make the trek.

In the firmament of Milwaukee’s many iconic bars, Wolski’s exists somewhere beyond legend.

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