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However, because it uses the Trident layout engine, it is subject to the advantages and disadvantages of that engine, although being more secure than Internet Explorer.

Maxthon 3 has both Trident engine and a Webkit engine, otherwise called "Dual Display Engines".

Create slick animated multi-page brochures and catalogues, splash screens and slideshows simply by typing, clicking and dragging. The toolbar can be pinned to the IE browser window or float separately. Planet Sitemap Creator Pro (1.2 MB) enables the creation of sitemaps in xml, html and text formats. Can also remove leading spaces, tabs and blank lines. Broken links will be reported and the site map displayed in a tree control. Download newsfeeds in RSS and XML format; reformat them according to user-defined html templates; and upload the results to your website via shared folder or ftp. Block Note 1.8 (1.7 MB) is a compact, fast WYSIWYG html editor. Import, edit and format web pages without having to learn any html. Visual Form Mail (962 KB) allows you to create powerful CGI scripts to process forms on your Web site. DHTML Menu Builder (916 KB) allows you to create cool interactive sliding menus easily! It can outline page elements, turn off style sheets, view form field values, measure area dimensions, resize the browser to other resolutions, validate code, etc. Strong JS (380 KB)is a java-script shrinker/obfuscator.

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Oracle JInitiator requires minimal intervention on the end users behalf Supports several MIME types for use in Netscape Navigator Oracle JInitiator supports the following MIME types application/x-jinit-applet application/x-jinit-applet;version= A version specific MIME type has been added, application/x-jinit-applet;version= which provides the administrator with the ability to explicitly specify the Oracle JInitiator clsid:a2001dd0-c7bd-11d4-a3e1-00c04fa32518 To specify the use of Oracle JInitiator in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Object tag in the page must contain the CLASSID specified above.

If the objects tags do not specify the exact CLASSID for this release, it will not be launched.

The latest release, Maxthon 3, supports both the Trident and the Web Kit rendering engines.

Maxthon seeks to provide many rich features, but without losing any of the compatibility of Internet Explorer. Maxthon offers many enhancements over Internet Explorer.

If Microsoft Internet Explorer does not have this version installed, it will download and install it for the user.

JAR file caching: Oracle JInitiator caches the downloaded JAR file on the client-machines hard disk. Sunset Net has been providing complete internet solutions since 1995.With thousands of satisfied clients, Sunset has the knowledge, the resources and the history to get the job done.Oracle JInitiator allows you to specify the use of the Oracle certified Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on web clients instead of relying on the default JVM provided by the browser.Oracle JInitiator delivers several key benefits to enterprises deploying Oracle Developer Server applications: Full JDK 1.1 support: Oracle JInitiator allows enterprise developers to develop and deploy Oracle Developer applications taking full advantage of JDK 1.1 features and functionality.Freeware, Software, Applications, Tools and Resources Tools for almost everything.

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