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Simply right-click on the song whose album cover you wish to add and choose “Edit”.From the newly opened window click “Search artwork” and Copy Trans Manager to automatically look for the cover online.

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i OS 10 is now here, but you may be struggling to download it due to the sheer volume of traffic or due to other issues, for example, your i Phone may only have 8GB or 16GB storage and that may mean that you don't have enough space for the download.

If the latter is the case you should see a message saying that Apple will delete some of your apps to make space, and then let you download them again later, but if that sounds like a lot of extra work, there is a way round it - follow this tutorial and install i OS 10 via i Tunes, you may find you get there a little quicker and with fewer hiccups and without any space constraints.

Luckily, you can now upload all or most of your library to Google Play, which you can then access from your Android device.

Here’s how: Once installed, the Music Manager will ask you where you keep your music collection.

Do you want to erase this i Phone and sync with this i Tunes library?

” And erase the contents of the i Phone it will, as soon as you click on that “Erase and Sync” button!

This quick tutorial demonstrates how to add songs from PC to i Phone or i Pad freely, without i Tunes and without being asked about whether you wish to “erase and sync”. Related: This is how to transfer i Phone music to your computer The songs appear instantly on the i Phone.

Copy Trans Manager will help you search for and add album artwork.

You can view a video tutorial for these steps at the top of this article.

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