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Let me give a shout-out to that great group of 68 skippers who did all those laps: 2525, ak Topsail, Andi Merryman, Armano Xaris, B112, B117, B12, BM12, Brett Kjeller, Bunnie, Chaos Mandelbrot, Charlie Pakk, charliepakk, Dekka, Destiny Wescott, don Berthios, Emelia Azemus, Fearless Freenote, Glorfindel Arrow, gnupf gufler, Hannelore Ballinger, Hans Marx, Hay Ah, IDBSDF61, JFos, Joy Acker, Justin Blade, Kain Xenobuilder, Kentrock Mesmer, Kris Hollysharp, Lance Corrimal, laured Cabassoun, Lesbo Charisma, Little Vixen, Lucy In The Sky Afarensis, Maiko Taurog, michiya Yoshikawa, Nikif, notohama, nozomimi karu, Ome Audeburgh, pascal kira, Patrice Cournoyer, Pazzo Pestana, Peacy Cortes, Pensive Mission, poko Zepp, Popow Horbaczewski, Porter Tracy, Qyv Inshan, Rebbie Resident, Rim Telling, Ronin Zane, S11D, sailman, Samlara Vintner, Sky Blue Earthboy, Slanty, Steve LL resident, Takabou Destiny, Trapez Breen, Victor CR, Wolfhard Resident, Wrye Diabolito, Xi Larnia, xpaulx pain, yala74, Yuukie Onmura. ~~ All that hotlaps data goes into a public spreadsheet that contains multiple, linked pages that sort the results by race line and boat class, color-coded by skipper.

Here’s an example, showing the submitted lap data for Plum Gut from January through September 16: “cruiser”-group.

I formed Single and Solo Sailing Holidays 7 years ago as a keen sailor and single person at the time so as to find other like minded souls to sail with and share my love of sailing with.

It’s a realistic speed-spot for them, since most Trudeaus are classic designs of earlier, multipurpose vessels; they are not hotrods.

Many other popular boats also fit in that Cruiser could be the fastest sailboat ever launched in Second Life.

Two other historical landmarks are the Southern Railway Train Station and the Carolina Theatre. Downtown Greensboro attractions are rich with historical and cultural significance.

When the station opened in 1927, it was the state’s largest. In 1960, four black Greensboro college students sat at the “whites only” lunch counter at Woolworth’s department store, an action that would help launch the nation’s civil rights movement.

There are six different Hotlaps raceline locations, and each has its own Hotlaps course: PLUMGUT, BREADNUT, KNAPTRACKICON, LINKOUS, SULU, and HEPURN.

Sailing a Hotlap takes only ten minutes, and you can do it any time you want, in any boat.

Hotlaps 2013 is a sailing format that helps skippers practice skills while doing fun, solo laps that are posted online.

The Hotlaps database allows skippers to compare their lap time results with others; they can also contrast the relative performance of different boats that sail under the same ‘trial lap’ conditions.

We are not a dating site but many long lasting friendships have been formed as well as new hobbies and skills discovered.

Some people come on their own, others with friends or family. Most of our holidays have been in the Mediterranean due to the climate, ease and affordability of flights, fabulous and usually easy sailing conditions and of course sun!

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate disabled guests or young children under 16. She is a seven year old Jeanneau 39i, both well equipped, modern, comfortable and a joy to sail both in light winds and heavier seas.

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