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The solder was the traditional bronzey-goldy colour so I wanted to get rid of the glass all together and replace it with something different.They take creativity to a whole new level for me and the boys. Le dernier prêtre, l’abbé Joseph Depras, quitte l’établissement à la fin des années 1980 et une dizaine d’années plus tard, le Centre Scolaire Ozanam semble sur le point d’achever sa longue histoire…

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Amber Portwood and Matt Baier seem to be in a very confused state these days.

It's tough to figure out exactly what's going on between them, because as far as we can tell, Matt and Amber don't even know if they're together or not.

It's 2015, Sparklers, which means we bathe in the light of laptop screens, consume Vines with our squirrel-like attention spans, and gain sustenance from the learning all there is to know about celebrities' personal lives and toilet paper preferences. But whether your reason for vacuuming celebrity-related info into your brainbags is (a) You're still skeptical that celebrities are "just like us" (Do they really sleep?

), (b) You've discovered your purpose in life is tabloid writing, or (c) You're trying to teach the clone you made of Jennifer Lawrence to act more like Jennifer Lawrence, observing the famous is just a part of human nature.

He was named MVP of Super Bowl 50 after helping lead the Broncos to victory over the Carolina Panthers.

He was the NCAA Sacks leader while playing with Texas A&M University in 2009.

Kylie (18) - youngest member and wild child of the Kardashian/Jenner Klan - has raised eyebrows by stepping out with rapper Tyga (25) due to the significant age difference. Kendall Jenner and Lewis Hamilton Controversial age gaps evidently run in the family, as Kylie's slightly older sister Kendall (19) is reportedly stepping out with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton previously dated singer Nicole Scherzinger for five years, and was recently linked to Rihanna.

I've noticed, though, that when talks turn to the ladies, as they always do, he usually stays pretty quiet and has little to stay.

Should I be worried he's not dating like the rest of them?

FUN FACT: the paparazzi would follow Marc Antony and Cleopatra around for HOURS!

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