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Though Pauly and Aubrey briefly split earlier this month, the Dumblonde singer now says she's very serious about him ...

it even sounds like she can see herself marrying Pauly one day!

Rumors the couple quietly got married have been swirling on Instagram for months, mainly because of the nickname the former Danity Kane singer has taken to calling him online — "hubby" or "husband." RELATED: Are Aubrey O'Day and Pauly D Married? After all, the couple have not been shy about expressing their love for each other ever since they made things official on reality TV.

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"I hope so," she says of settling down with the reality TV star.

"I don't know exactly what it takes to know that someone is forever, but I think getting through difficult times together and growing strong as a team -- and that's all him and I have done since we started dating -- and it's been very public very quickly." "We've dealt with many, many obstacles, so it's like I keep wondering do we survive the next one and do we get closer and we continue to do that," the 32-year-old reveals.

Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day are going back to their roots -- in reality TV, that is -- and now it's just a matter of who wants to air their "love." Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ...

Pauly and Aubrey have been filming a pilot for a new reality show.

The former Danity Kane singer and Travis have had a contentious relationship for months but have been trying to patch things up on the reality show A sexy selfie is nothing unusual to see on Aubrey’s Instagram page, but the caption on her June 10 post certainly got people’s attention. Of course she may also have been trying to remind the former boy bander, just what he was missing out on by featuring her hot bod in a very revealing one piece that showcases all of her ample curves.

“I’m not ready to get married because you don’t respect me,” Travis told Aubrey on the show.

“It makes it impossible for me to trust you completely, and I would like for you to be less selfish, too.” To which Aubrey shot back; “He’s jealous and he creates conflict, hour after hour.” But Travis cuts her off; “It’s not attractive when a woman tells you she’s gonna f–k someone else,” he says, as the room collectively gasps.

No wonder they couldn’t even make it through the full season as a couple!

Additionally, O'Day has made appearances on reality television shows, including the fifth season of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, Famously Single on the E!

Network, and, most recently, she placed 5th on Celebrity Big Brother 18.

According to her mother, when O'Day was four, she was at a performance of The Nutcracker and started to cry.

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