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Used to both overwhelming their competition with talent and generally getting their way, being thrown in with older peers with more competitive grit and more polished skills can be jarring, especially when the expectations that were thrust upon them so early are, if anything, adjusted up.

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Comparing Garcia to his peers in terms of competitive heart was to clearly understand why, before last Sunday, he was 0-for-73 in majors. Open at Bethpage, where he received a final-round schooling at the hands of Woods.

RELATED: Dave Kindred: If it was going to happen for Sergio, it had to be the hard way From exuberantly confident 19-year-old who starred at the Ryder Cup at Brookline, Garcia quickly became a tense player who developed a pattern of fading when in contention, especially at majors. Instead of the experience making Garcia tougher, it seemed to start him down a steady decline toward fragility, to the point that at the 2012 Masters, he said, “I’m not good enough. I don’t have the thing that I need to have to win majors.”In retrospect, Garcia suffered the backlash that often confronts sports prodigies.

She was a member of the University of Texas women's golf team.

Her father was also an All-American quarterback for the Longhorns' football team. If you believe you're good and you believe you're going to be a winner, you're going to be one.

Akins joined Golf Channel in 2015 as a reporter and interviewer, back when her last name was Hamann.

She was also a post-round interviewer at PGA Tour events, likely how she met Garcia.Sergio Garcia has a new girlfriend, moving on from Katharina Boehm to Golf Channel reporter Angela Akins (formerly Angela Hamann).The pair have been together since last fall, getting engaged in January 2017.The reason was more centrally human, the vicarious fulfillment that comes from seeing a person who has spent years getting in his own way finally triumph over himself.Few players are perfect mentally, but Garcia as a golfer was seriously flawed.We tell each other we love them and he's (Sergio Garcia) into that too", said Akins.

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