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We are quite sure he’s not going to be happy about Soulja threatening his baby girl.

As for the identity of Nia’s boyfriend, gossip blogs are reporting that it’s New Orleans rapper Skrill Dilly.

But honestly, none of Chris Brown’s actions had to do with Karreuche and her happiness at all. There are some men who have a hard time letting go of a woman, not just because she’s a good woman and they messed up, but because they did not make the decision to end the relationship.

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His cult fan base, known as the SWAVENATION, is "a society without borders".

Twenty-sixteen was a rough year, and you would think that everyone would be up for leaving it and all of the BS behind.

I don’t know for sure, but from the looks of things, Karreuche has moved on and ain’t about that life.

Yet, Brown felt the need to post a comment on her Instagram so that she could feel “poppin,” whatever the hell that even means.

According to TMZ, the 26-year-old rapper is on probation for a weapons charge, so if Nia wanted to file a police report, he may get into big trouble.

Also, for those who don’t know, Nia Riley is the daughter of legendary producer Teddy Riley.

couple Soulja Boy and Nia Riley has come to an end… And though breaking up isn’t anything out of the ordinary for the hip-hop couple, this time, it appears to be pretty serious — what with Soulja Boy slamming Nia on social media., “Nothing surprises me anymore.

People are fake as f—k.” While we weren’t certain if Soulja Boy aka Dre was merely reflecting on life, or speaking about Nia in particular, he cleared that up just a few hours later.

Instead, I’d rather focus on how Chris Brown’s actions represent a disturbing notion: that some men actually think they women.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beefing over Karreuche is a result of Brown’s notion that he is still in the equation.

The drama in Soulja Boy and Nia Riley’s on-and-off relationship has made its way in social media once again with SB calling out Riley on Instgram. 6), Riley posted a photo of herself scarfing down a hot dog on a city sidewalk.

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