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There was already a well-established Christian community here for hundreds of years by the time this magnificent church was built., new archaeological discoveries of churches are crucial to helping answer those questions.Both the Jewish and non-Jewish first century believers in Yeshua/Jesus kept the Sabbath and the Biblical Feast days.

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And when did Christianity begin to spread beyond Israel throughout the Roman Empire?

In early February 2011 the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced some Biblical archaeology findings, including a large Byzantine Church at Horvat Midras southwest of Jerusalem.

On coming to the house, (Not finding Jesus in a manger/stable as the shepherds did.– That Jesus was probably 2 years old at this time.) they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshipped him.(4352-To pay honor, homage, reverence, by kneeling down on the ground) Then they opened their treasures-◙ (2344-Treasure-chest, strongbox) and presented him with gifts of gold-◙ and of incense-◙ (Frankincense-K.

is dedicated to restoring the Hebraic roots of Christianity. The disciples (students) of Yeshua/Jesus were Jewish.

Chet appears in the Bible in reference to a slingshot which "missed the target." There is nothing inherently "bad" about that slingshot!

Rather, a mistake was made ― due to a lack of focus, concentration or skill. When we engage in irresponsible or destructive behavior, we have simply misfired.

Realize the extent of the damage and feel sincere regret. Unless you're introduced to the Jewish idea of Loshon Hara ("negative speech") and made aware of its destructive nature, you may otherwise never consider gossip to be wrong! Feeling regret is a positive sign that we're back in touch with our Godly essence.

Although you can watch great sporting events on television there is no substitute for being right there, right in the thick of things to experience the sights and the sounds, that comes with live action.

Even as Christian populations grew, distrust and persecution by their Roman rulers forced the early church to stay out of the public eye. With this acceptance came the construction of large public buildings, or churches, to serve the worship needs of Christians.

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