Who is robert plant currently dating

"Studios are designed to pull out all of that beautiful ambience you get from singing in a room, and then the engineer puts it back in digitally or through whatever machinery you've got," says Griffin, speaking from her home in Austin.

"But I wanted it to be a little rough around the edges.

The Led Zeppelin frontman, whom Griffin is dating and with whom she collaborates in the rootsy Band of Joy, sings harmony and gets a co-writing credit for rearranging the track, Griffin says.

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I didn't want it to be slicked up; I didn't want the life all drained out of it." With its hypnotic rhythms and varied textures, first single "Ohio," inspired by the Toni Morrison book "Beloved," was a natural pick to set up the album.

The track is one of three that features Robert Plant.

The cult singer/songwriter already connects with a legion of fans through songs detailing all manner of heartbreak and joy.

But for her first album of new solo material since 2007's "Children Running Through It" (2010's Grammy Award-winning "Downtown Church" was a live recording), she says, "I wanted it to sound like I was in the room with you." To that end, she and producer Craig Ross hired her stage sound engineer Roy Taylor to rig up "a bunch of old microphones to get that local sound," while hunkered down at the "funky, lived-in" Zebra Ranch Studio located an hour outside of Memphis, owned by Luther and Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi All-Stars (both of whom play on the record).

What we’ve done is consolidate our strengths, they’ve gone into the cauldron, spun around and come out with absolute ease.

That's the question Patty Griffin set forth to answer when recording her seventh solo album, "American Kid," out May 7 on New West Records.She released her first solo album in 1987 and her first album with Union Station in 1989.Numerous soundtracks and collaborations with Dolly Parton, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Sting and Elvis Costello later, Krauss and Union Station have just released their first album for seven years entitled Paper Airplane.When you’re making music, you may listen with your ears but it’s all about the gut.I always know if something is working because I feel it in my bones – my recent album was tough to make as I couldn’t get that feeling so I just had to stop. Online and other outlets took that quote literally, but a rep for Plant tells The Hollywood Reporter that "Robert has not married Patty Griffin" and that the rocker was "just referring to the fact that he's been residing in Texas." STORY: Robert Plant Dismisses Future Led Zeppelin Reunions as a ' Pain' The two have been dating for more than a year and live together in Austin, Texas in what the 63-year-old Plant describes in the article as a termite-infested "old crack house." Griffin, 48, has released six studio albums since 1996.

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