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It seems apropos that, on the way to meet Rachael Yamagata, I saw a man run through oncoming traffic to help an old woman in danger of getting hit while crossing the street.

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Yamagata has appeared numerous times as a guest vocalist for other artists including: Jason Mraz's "Did You Get My Message?

", "Fireflies" and "The Believer" by Rhett Miller, on Toots & the Maytals's album True Love, the song "Barfly" by Ray Lamontagne, and several songs on Ryan Adams' Cold Roses album.

Most of us probably have a stereotypical image in our heads of songwriters just sitting around in cafés or smoke-filled bars waiting for inspiration to strike, pen at the ready to record their poetic thoughts.

Yamagata explained that more than ever before, artists are foregoing traditional labels and management in order to take more control over their career, their art and to have a more direct connection with their fans.

Angelina’s is the most amazing small boutique Italian restaurant with the best food.

I used to have angel hair pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, Italian sausage and goat cheese. That was one of my favorite jaunts to hang out in, as well as the Pontiac Café, [which] is awesome for sitting outside, if the weather’s nice, and having a drink (Editor's note: according to a staff member, Pontiac Café is closing sometime this month. Best place to recover from a break-up Michigan Avenue, baby! And then go to Pop’s For Champagne by yourself and feel elegant and romantic and then realize he or she wasn’t right for you anyways.

Then he started asking me about my favorite sexual acts.

I informed him that I had a Fet Life page and he revealed to me that he did as well, so we checked out each others’ pages.

Gabriel then confessed to me that he wasn’t really single, like his profile said – he was separated, and he claimed that he was living with his parents and his wife and kids were living in the house.

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