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Maks Chmerkovskiy was the only judge who gave Nick Carter an 8 (the rest of the judges awarded him with 9’s).

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You may know him as that blonde boy bander, you may know him as Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, hell, you may even know him as Aaron Carter’s older brother.

But to me, he’s Nick Carter of my beloved Backstreet Boys (new readers, I am a BSB fan, get over it). Nick, the youngest of the BSB-ers and the last one to get married, is front and center of a show called I Heart Nick Carter, in which he and his then-fiancee Lauren Kitt let cameras into their world as they prepare to get married.

The 33-year-old boy-bander and his fiancée have been dating for four years and he reportedly proposed with a 7-carat diamond ring (nice work, Nick! Carter's wife-to-be also posted a photo of the couple's serene location, snapping a shot of the small island where the engagement seemingly went down."A little island all to ourselves!

#Keys Life," she captioned the pic two days before Nick asked her to marry him.

because you couldn't find me, and I was getting a tattoo. [Related: Nick Carter Talks ' Hardcore Alcoholic' Past] What do you two do on date nights now?

We need a laundry system in place here." I think that was the only thing that needed changing.

"I have not heard from her since we actually broke up, but I miss her the best," Carter says. Because I didn't see them that much." But Carter insists there's no bad blood between the two stars: "I don't fault that that's her life and what she wants to do.

I had a different path." Watch Nick Carter open up about his tumultuous relationship with Paris Hilton and tell us in the comments: were Nick and Paris a compatible couple?

Before the internet and social media, seeing our favorite band in concert was the closest we’d ever get to them and if there was a MTV: True Life or Making the Video, it was a friggin jackpot. There’s a scene in the first episode where Lauren pushes Nick to set an actual date for the wedding, and threatens him by playfully wrestling with him on their bed. Lauren has a heart to heart with her best friend named Natalia, who, as Lauren says, she met when their boyfriends were on tour together years ago, and they became BFFs.

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