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Of all the hotties of the LPGA, Natalie Gulbis was more or less the last hope.

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AKRON, Ohio (AP) - Dustin Johnson is taking a leave of absence from golf to seek help for ''personal challenges,'' putting him out of the PGA Championship and raising questions about whether he will be at the Ryder Cup at the end of September.

In a statement Thursday from his agent at Hambric Sports Management, the 30-year-old Johnson said his leave of absence was effective immediately.

Gulbis, who followed Johnson on the back nine at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, told that they are in fact dating, but said the questions about the two can go through the four-time PGA Tour winner.

While the official news is now on the table, rumors of the relationship have been circling around golf circles for months.

Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. But still, it holds a certain, shall we say, sentimental value. Let's get something straight: I like Dustin Johnson.

But if the USGA was pissed off enough about that calendar to ban it from the U. Women's Open that year, then one suspects that Dustin will also have his say in the event that Natalie chooses to do another sexy calendar. He's a good golfer, and he's got a lot of things I don't have (namely talent and money). It already seemed like Natalie was less interested in putting her beautiful figure on display, and more interested in playing golf, in the last couple years.

And now Natalie Gulbis has officially tied the knot with Josh Rodarmel, a former Yale quarterback and former co-owner of the Power Balance bracelet.

The couple announced their engagement in July and were married Monday in California.

The hottie golf star is not a just a pretty face to look at on the green, but she can actually beat majority of you reading this column.

The golf star can win at any time and has certainly earned the attention she has received.

While not everyone draws reactions from their work clothes, Gulbis certainly looks good in hers.

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