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The series originally was picked up for a pilot and season one containing 12 episodes - this premiered August 17, 2010.Then, due to the success of the show, ABC Family renewed it for 18 more episodes on October 8, 2010 which premiered June 29, 2011.The show proved to be quite successful for ABC Family as the show established a 13-week high in total viewers, an eight-week high in viewers between the ages of 18–34 and 18–49 and a 15-week high in female viewers between the ages of 12–34 in its third season. When a family scandal leaves her niece, Lennox, and nephew, Ryder, without their parents, Mel takes them in.

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But what if your Leo isn’t resembling any of this sign’s typical positive traits?

What if your Leo likes to play mind games, is stingy (or worse, hot and cold) with his or her affections, dishonest or disloyal?

Meanwhile, a concerned young Atheists employee named Roy (Brandon Mychal Smith, “You’re the Worst”), stymied by a police department that believes the O’Hairs are just on an extended trip, contacts a San Antonio reporter (Adam Scott) to look into the family’s disappearance.

The first clue that something’s fishy: Madalyn’s beloved dogs were left behind.

He likes being praised but will never boast or brag about himself to anyone. He is generous with himself and his money as well as being strong and fierce against what is needed to tame down.

A Leo man makes a great lover who satisfies both worldly and emotional needs of his lady.

She was, after all, a victor in one of the most controversial Supreme Court Cases of the ’60s — ending compulsory Bible reading in public schools — as well as the founder of a movement of non-believers and, in the end, the victim of a most ignominious crime.

Taking the sobriquet Life magazine once applied to her, director and co-writer Tommy O’Haver (“Ella Enchanted”) has named his biopic “The Most Hated Woman in America,” and wisely cast hard-edged Oscar-winning actor Melissa Leo as the prickly O’Hair.

First shown with bags over their heads, Madalyn’s voice snarls out “Did Jerry Falwell put you up to this?

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