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Yup, I was so flattered, too —especially with me being used to the strip club environment, where guys are always just… This guy didn’t even say anything but gave me props on a song. Prince’s son, called me and told me that his artist wanted me to come to Jamaica to shoot this video.It was so funny because when we were shooting the beach scene.

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Maliah, who is an ex-stripper was linked to Drizzy last year, resulting in Kingston being criticised for taking the Young Money rapper’s sloppy second.

Earlier this year Drake release a track called “Miss Me” where he raps about Maliah, “Someone tell Maliah I’m on fire she should work tonight.” Yesterday Kingston took to his Twitter to defend his new boo. Not that at all…she is a great woman with a great heart that deserves the best in life ;)” Sean Kingston recently recovered from a Jet Ski accident in Miami.

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Reggae fusion star Sean Kingston is causing quite a stir in gossip media after he turned up at Sunday night’s American Music Awards ceremony with Drake’s ex-girlfriend Maliah Michel.

” And right after that he told me he called me back.

So later on that night Drake called me directly and told me that he was the one shooting the video and how he wanted me for the lead part.

As long as The Beard isn’t ‘Dwading’ and wrapping up so he doesn’t catch anything he can’t get rid of with a shot, I say more power to him.

Maliah has dating Drake and others rappers/athletes in the past, so really no big deal, as my friend Jill Munroe says “athletes love a referral” and I sure Harden will have another lady next week I can show you photos and videos of.

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