Who is katie leung dating

Scottish actress Katie Leung, 25, shot to fame in Harry Potter as Cho Chang, where she locked lips with Daniel Radcliffe. In Run, your character is a Chinese immigrant trying to make a life for herself in London.

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Set on the streets of Brixton, South London, she played an illegal immigrant, and the role was a tough one as it involved her being raped.

She admits that thanks to Eric she has become something of a gaming addict.

While Leung was greeted warmly by most fans of the series, some Potter fans, jealous of Leung's relationship with Harry in the film, created a "I Hate Katie" website and racist messages posted on fan websites were upsetting to Leung at the time.

Let us pause to recall iconic movie kisses: Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, limbs entangled on the beach in From Here to Eternity.

I am – not many of them but I am in touch with Bonnie Wright [Ginny Weasley].

I don’t see them very often, just because of where I’m based and where they’re based – but it is really nice to catch up. Lost In Translation, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson.

In 2012, Leung made her stage debut in the play Wild Swans.

Leung has an interest in painting and photography and studied art and design at the University of the Arts, London. An immigrant from Hong Kong, her father owns a restaurant and a Chinese food wholesale firm.

I thought if I was going to be unemployed in the future, then so be it.

Are you still in touch with any of the Potter cast?

‘I will always be grateful for the opportunity the Harry Potter films gave me.

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