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He played the vampire Josef Kostan, a mischievous 400-year-old hedge-fund trader.

On February 10, 2010 in an interview he stated that he would be voicing a character in a Disney video game that was released in Japan last January; the game was revealed to be Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep by Square-Enix/Disney, and the character was Terra.

After its cancellation, Dohring found work with Warner Bros.

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Spoiler warning: Logan is now an officer in the Navy. "So it's finding some discipline in his life and it starts him off in a good place, a better place, and hopefully a place where he can get together with Veronica."To hear more from Dohring, including what it was like reuniting with Kristen Bell, Ryan Hansen and the rest of the cast, as well as babysitting Bell's daughter on set (Aw!

But here’s a little extra, taken both from past years, and from my reporting on the Kickstarter and the making of the movie over the past 12 months. Rob Thomas originally became a screenwriter for the money Thomas spent his college and post-college years at the tail end of Austin’s “New Sincerity” music scene, playing in the bands Public Bulletin, Hey Zeus, and Black Irish.

Bad boy Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), but the change wasn't just an emotional one. I dropped about 20 pounds," Jason Dohring revealed to E!

News on the red carpet at the highly anticipated film's Los Angeles premiere.

The 29-year-old took it up a notch in his navy blue suit, which he teamed with dark brown dress shoes featuring matching blue laces, a white shirt and deep blue patterned tie with red and white spotted detail.

Also in attendance at the screening were Ryan Hansen, who plays Dick Casablancas, Enrico Colantoni, who returns as Veronica's beloved dad, Keith Mars, Percy Daggs III, who portrays Wallace Fennel, and Francis Capra, better known as heavily-tattooed, shaved-headed thug Eli 'Weevil' Navarro, who shocked with his full head of thick black hair.

But for those of you who just emerged from underneath a rock, here's the quick version: On March 12, 2013, Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn his beloved neo-noir series about a teenage private eye into a movie. So, the film was funded, the movie was made, the T-shirts were silkscreened, and that brings us to the present day, when I'm sitting cross-legged on the floor of a Los Angeles office with Jason Dohring — who played Logan Echolls, the show's bad boy with a heart of 24-karat gold — talking about the March 14 release of Veronica Mars' feature film. Clad in black high-tops, dark denim, and a simple gray T-shirt that barely contains the biceps that were so often throwing haymakers on the show, the 31-year-old still enthuses about his most iconic role like it was day one of filming.

"And the fact I got to play him for three years — and now plus the movie — is amazing." Since Mars ended in 2007, Dohring played a 400-year-old vampire on CBS' short-lived drama Moonlight and guest-starred on a smattering of procedurals.

Jason Dohring is currently married to Lauren Dohring.

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