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We'll start with you Camille because I know you're so shy with your opinions. Let's not get started on the strategic errors of the Hillary campaign...“Tom had a burger, which he did not give me a bite of, which I think is really mean.

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In looking at the website for Berea College, I was surprised to see that Ebony had hailed it as a top campus for African Americans. Just as one point of evidence: in 1872, the Board of Trustees wrote a statement in support of interracial dating. And, perhaps most importantly, could we learn how to design better organizational implementation and monitoring efforts?

Having family in Eastern Kentucky, I did not expect the region to garner recognition for interracial cooperation. And so began years of sleuthing in archives – from New Orleans to Maine, and with significant sojourns in Washington, D. In doing so, I found a framing of racial inequality that has largely been abandoned: racial prejudice as a caste system.

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New York Times columnist Frank Bruni moderates a 'Times Talks' discussion between legendary feminist Camille Paglia and 'Watch What Happens Live' host Andy Cohen about life in the Trump era.

Not rail thin, but certainly not overweight either. It's one of the few books that accurately reflects a gay man's battle with weight.

I am so sick of people who are born with every advantage in life complaining as adults that they had it such a hard life. Books that detail their year-long process of "finding themselves" in three foreign countries that start with the letter 'I.' Fucking shit.

A few years later, I began doctoral studies in Education Policy and Sociology at Indiana University. I realized how little I knew about Reconstruction, and the era raised a host of new questions for me: What factors can inhibit racial discrimination? How would our sense of possibilities and strategies for action change if we wrote history to include the turbulence?

Thanks to one of my former high school students who considered applying to Berea College, I developed an interest in unraveling the early history of diversity and higher education that led to this book. Would understanding the distance between legal victories and implementation failures push us to demand greater vigilance?

You've got a problem with him "whining" about a 36" waist? And frankly, every time I see a pair of pants that big, they look huge. He writes about booze and bars for the NYTimes now.

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