Who is esai morales dating

In an interview with Souza, she said that her character would probably go crazy once she discovers that the person behind her boyfriend's death is her father. Dominic (Nicholas Gonzalez), Laurel's old family friend, was the one who ended Wes' life. She still believes that the Mahoneys are the ones responsible for everything."I think she's going to go to the psychiatric ward. I don't know how they're going to write it, but I feel that she's already going through so much and already been through so much, so I can't even imagine how she's going to react to that," Souza said.

Todd Denver (Benito Martinez) planned the explosion in Annalise's (Viola Davis) house.

He may even place her in a mental institution himself and make people believe she is having hallucinations following her boyfriend's death.

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I know black guys have a pretty high affection/tolerance for women who are 5’5″ and 190 lbs.Fans of the series are looking forward to the revelation on who Dominic is.He was the one who killed Wes (Alfred Enoch), Laurel's boyfriend, during last season's finale.Dominic was following the orders of her father, Jorge (Esai Morales), whose motives still remain a mystery.Jorge conspired with District Attorney Todd Denver (Benito Martinez) to blow up Annalise's (Viola Davis) house.At the moment, Laurel is still secure with the knowledge that Charles (Wilson Bethel) and Sylvia (Roxanne Hart) killed Wes to prevent him from getting his inheritance.

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