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Towards the end of the video you’ll see a super cute moment between the two, when Ashley flirtatiously shoves Justin and runs ahead of him. As you can see in the pictures (click HERE to see), there was a lot of touchy-feely happening during their hike together.

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He suffered a broken neck and was recovering from the injury during the first season of Fantasy Factory. He has an enormous social media presence on Twitter and Instagram with more than 300,000 on the former and 650,000 on the latter.

He is the older brother of fellow reality star Chris Pfaff.

24 October 2011Beauty Queen Caite Upton joins Steelo on the panel.

Rob breaks down the magic of Man-kinis and Dodging Bullets.

Guest Matt Schlager demonstrates how to fall with your face first and hands second, in Getting Schlagered. Rob's cousin Drama helps Rob break down Family Dysfunction, Your Friend's a Dick, and Little Rollers. And learn whether Parkour is an art or just some Aggressive Running. Bull rider Judd Leffew schools Chanel on whether bulls get dizzy when Rob breaks down A Bunch of Bull and Angry Animals. Caite Upton joins Steelo once again as Rob shows off S**t Whips and Redneck Good Times.

Nicknamed Big Cat, he is a member of the Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory team.

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Justin Bieber, 22, is back in the arms of Instagram model Ashley Moore, 23. New pictures show Justin and Ashley enjoying each other’s company on a romantic hike in Los Angeles, California.

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