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We are continuing to work on and release varieties that are variously adapted to hardiness zones 6 through 9 that will together span the blooming season from September to April.

We are so confident of our quality that we offer a complimentary GIA Cultured Pearl Classification Report (GIA CPCR) free of charge with any pearl necklace purchase.

American Pearl has thousands of Tahitian pearls in stock, including white Tahitian pearls and Tahitian black pearls.

To learn more about Tahitian pearls, please click here American Pearl only deals with natural color Tahitian pearls that have not been treated in any way.

From dark black, grey, blue and green to the sought-after peacock-colored Tahitian pearls, we offer the most vivid colors, highest luster and cleanest pearls in the marketplace.

Many times each year, our staff procures the top-quality Tahitian pearls from the new harvest directly from the farmers in French Polynesia.

Then, these pearls are meticulously sorted for size, shape, color and luster right in our wholesale showroom at 576 Fifth Avenue in New York.

Nightlife is vibrant with Bar City (a stretch of four bars along a single corridor), the place to hang out.

During the day, kids and teen spaces keep the under-18s busy, while the outdoor sports court and pool deck give families and friends the chance to get together for a game of hoops or a dip in the pool.

These standard varieties are very good for some localities, but many lack adequate hardiness to grow in the temperature zones where people are still interested in them!

We are constantly pushing at the northern edge, reaching people who were previously unable to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of these ever-green, winter-blooming plants.

Pearl White Dental Laboratory are now delighted to have the very latest advanced 3D printers and scanners.

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