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Rudy thanks you, and the IAS thanks you for your understanding and consideration.

Please note that ambassador Kate Ross who chairs the videochat, and ambassador Nic Jacob (Gender outlaw issues) are also occasionally available for chat. We are all aspies here and we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves!

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But the things I”m talking about—bitchy little nonsense things whether in high school, on the job or at a cocktail party—are not in the capabilities or mindset of Aspergirls. but I think it’s more a case of other people not understanding us.

I remember one time as a shy teenager looking down to make sure my bra wasn’t showing and I overheard a few girls laugh and say “look at her making sure her boobs are sticking out”. Recently a non-aspie woman was having a glass of wine with me and a friend and she kept pointing out my physical flaws in front of him and asking what it was like being “older”.

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(EST) If you missed our October Financial Aid chat or want to dig further into the how-tos of filing your FAFSA and assessing financial aid packages, sign up for this live chat hosted by our Director of Financial Aid and Director of Admissions. (EST) Live from a first-year residence hall room, this chat is as real as it gets.They either don’t notice, don’t care, or think it’s funny.They don’t realize how much it can hurt and how women and girls have messed with our heads and lives with nonsense like this for too long.I find that Aspie women never compete with each other, or almost never.We have our own ideals and goals to strive for—that is enough to keep us occupied.Online dating itself helps you to save a lot of time and it can rescue you from loneliness and the feeling of uselessness.

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