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So we came up with this totally unscientific, but totally fun quiz to see which camp of men you fall in to: Alta-male, alpha male, metrosexual, lumbersexual or metrosexual.

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Oh, and they’ll definitely show off how much they know for good measure. But I have plenty of friends who are way into sporty girls or shy, bookworm boys.

If you’ve never been able to pin down exactly what type of guy or gal you’re into, check out this quiz and find out what type you gravitate towards.

Teens struggle with this because they see lust in the Biblical sense, but lust isn't that sinister.

Lust is about physical attraction and acting ONLY on physical attraction. Yet many teens (and to be fair, many adults) confuse an intense attraction for some sort if divine love.

For teens, since feelings of attraction are still new and since pop-culture sells sex and love as one package, it is very easy to get the two mixed up. Love is based on more than just physical attraction. If it is tainted by mistrust, jealousy, insecurity or spitefulness it is not really love but merely a pale copy. Love should make you want to be a better person, it should not lead you to do something self destructive.

Sure, attraction is a factor, but love goes deeper than that. Love is the total surrender of your heart to another person with the security of knowing they will treat it better than you will. Love is not demanding of your spirit but lifts it and makes it glow. Anything less is lust, deep friendship or attraction.Then, there was the guy I dated whose best friend actively encouraged his alcoholism (trying to keep my ex happy and drunk so he could continue to live with him rent-free and freeload).And the guy I dated whose friends all made a group pact that they would never get married and egged each other on, chiding one another about it constantly (I know... ) And another who told me about more than one of his friends' bachelor parties where friends cheated on their wives. If these were the friends these exes of mine were choosing, what does that say about them (ugh, and about me for being with them), seriously!? I just wanted to throw some examples out there in case they struck a chord with any of you ladies.for: “A man who values personal realisation over more conventional measures of ‘success’, and searches for ways to improve himself.” After commissioning research into this phenomenon, here’s what we think are the defining characteristics of the Alta-male. Perhaps a little bit, but those are some very worthy statements. Take the quiz, share your result, get your alpha male friend Tim to take the quiz and then tell him the ’80s want his attitude back.It’s probably easy to tell if you’re an Alta-male based on what you order in the pub, where you go on holiday and what you post on social media. It is a very common question, "How can I tell I'm in love? What feels like love to one person may be nothing more than attraction to another. One of the most confusing quasi-love feelings is lust.

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