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However, before you do that, make sure that everything from your i Tunes library transferred to your external drive, or that you have a second backup, just in case.

Remember, when you delete things, they're gone forever (at least without redownloading purchases from i Cloud or hiring a drive-recovery company), so make absolutely sure you've got everything you need before you delete.

I personally find it much easier to stream content from i Cloud and to use i Tunes Match or Apple Music for listening to my music.

However, if you use i Tunes for managing music not in i Tunes or home video files, etc., then you really have no choice but to store the content locally.

Dubner, co-author of the best-selling "Freakonomics” books.

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And with the cost of 1-2 terabyte (1 TB = 1,000 GB) drives coming down all the time, you can get a tremendous amount of affordable storage.

To store and use your i Tunes library on an external hard drive, do the following: At this point, you can delete the i Tunes library on your main hard drive, if you want.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can easily move your entire i Tunes library to an external drive.

Before we do any moving of data, we first have to check to make sure everything is properly stored locally.

Considering that most people have thousands, if not tens of thousands, of songs in their i Tunes libraries, those libraries can take up a lot of hard drive space.

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