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So at the end I don't understand what your project is for?The lates version (0.3.10) does not work on ARM just out of the box.

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If I understand correctly you wrote this project to preview and save a video file at the same time by adding a Smart Tee filter.

But I can do that already with the code from Brian without your changes!

To set which camera to use, the Selected element in the state needs to be populated. This is specific to the particular camera in question.

Frame, false)) The manifest file included with the webcam service sample code shows how to use an initial state config file.

If you've found a bug or you've came-up with some fantastic feature which can make Webcam Capture a better API to use, don't hesitate to create new issue where you can describe in details what the problem is, or what would you like to improve.

Since Webcam Capture use some part of native code, it's very hard to cover all supported operating systems.Otherwise the Frame field contains a binary serialization of the image using the appropriate image format. It is only possible to specify a size that the camera supports.The following code fragment demonstrates one way to use the Query Frame message to get the most recently captured image. The supported sizes can be deduced from the Supported Formats list which is part of the Camera Instance element within the list of Cameras on the state.If you have strong will, spare time, knownledge or even some small amount of money you would like to spent for good purpose you can help developing this awesome Webcam Capture API and make it even better!Several kinds of contributions are very welcome: If you think this project is great, you would like to help, but you don't know how - you can become project's stargazer. Visit this link if you would like to learn more about how notifications and stars works on Github.The Webcam service supports direct access from a web browser to see the latest captured image from the currently selected camera. In the Format field, you need to specify the Max Frames Per Second value.

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