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Two weeks ago, I had a dream date with a provincial solicitor.Setting off by train, I checked my reflection in the window, thinking with pleasure of the exchanges we'd enjoyed on the respectable dating website where we'd met and the animated phone conversations that had led to my leaving London for the day.Meet your millionaire spouse through millionaire match Millionaire match is our top choice from all online millionaire dating sites that we have reviewed.

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An hour or so later he texted back: 'Send me a photo of you. I'll let you have a naughty video of me you'll enjoy.' I re-read it carefully before answering: 'I think there's been a misunderstanding.' I should have been shocked and surprised that a charming, Oxbridge-educated man in his mid-50s, a founding partner of an established legal firm, a father of young adults and keen golfer who'd shared his life story with me on a lovely afternoon at the end of an Indian summer, should turn out to have nothing more than sex on his mind.

My marriage ended 12 years ago and, while I did date, it was a long time before I embarked on a serious relationship.

Unlike a normal dating site, the list of hobbies caters exclusively to the well off.

Gourmet dining, horseback riding, racquetball, golf and boating all qualify as acceptable hobbies, whereas more modest pastimes such as thrifting or going for a bike ride are strictly off limits.

Once logged in, you're asked to select from a list of hobbies and favorite brands After indicating the appropriate interests, users are to identify their favorite brands.

As with hobbies, it's important to select 'high class' interests.When it comes to rich men dating, we are second to none in terms of customer service and dedication to our customers’ satisfaction.All our memberships are free for qualifying ladies.Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our rich men dating service.If you have ever found yourself lost amongst the scores of millionaire matchmaker websites that you can find on the internet today, you are definitely at the right place.Disembarking west of the Cotswolds, I immediately identified the elegant, balding man in navy trousers and expensive checked shirt leaning against a pillar on the sun-washed platform.

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