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READ MORE: Lee Min Ho, Taylor Swift, And Bae Suzy: The Truth Behind This Rumored Love Triangle RELATED POSTS ON INQUISITR: Taylor Swift And Lee Min Ho? International Tabloids Fabricate ‘Relationship’ News That Koreans Might See Means For Severe Libel Lawsuits Lee Min Ho Goes To Spain Amidst Bae Suzy Breakup Rumors To Shoot New Korean Drama ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ Actress Bae Suzy Asked To Leave Korean Drama By Boyfriend Lee Min Ho? ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ Actress Suzy Bae And Lee Min Ho Are KDrama’s Top Celebrity Couple — Ranked Highest in Compatibility which suggested that Lee Min Ho and Taylor Swift could be a good celebrity couple.Fans could even call them “Swift-Lee,” the writer of the article suggested.Because we the K-drama addicts are so familiar with the oppa romance…

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“I could not stop crying when we were watching the finale episode together in the same room where we had gathered to watch the first episode,” Suzy wrote on Instagram.

Nothing is better than the perfect romance that can be found through the magic of Korean dramas.

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Fish-eyed Kisses and Backhugs, Stephanie Word has come out that instead of coming out with a season 3 of Roommate as announced, the network has decided to pull plug, siting sagging ratings.

“Lee Min Ho is currently overseas and focusing on acting, so it’s difficult to nosily ask him about Taylor Swift.” the source at Min Ho’s agency added.

“Perhaps he got involved in this dating rumor because his filming in Spain is receiving a lot of attention from international press.

When Lee Byung Hun, star of "Red 2" and "GI Joe: Retaliation" and Lee Min Jung, star of "All About My Romance," caught the bouquet at the wedding of actor Shin Hyeon Joon, people wanted to know when they would wed.

When asked if they would marry within six months as is expected of those catching the bouquet, they declined to set a date, citing busy schedules. The two went public about their relationship a year ago.

But the idea of the “Bad Blood” singer getting together with the Despite the breakup rumors that continuously hound their relationship, both Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy seem focused on their careers right now.

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