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I enrolled in a class offered by First Choice Fire Arms gun retailer (firstchoicefirearms.net). The course consists of about six hours of classroom instruction and an hour or two at the range.Trainees shooting from a distance of 7 yards are required to hit a silhouette target 11 of 20 times. The classroom instruction was thorough and informative, although the two videos featured a mind-numbing format with an instructor sitting at a desk speaking to the camera.

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Just make sure it isn't loaded, clear the chamber before dismantling the weapon.

The Walther LP53 is a classic James Bond gun although it never featured in a Bond movie.

I like firearms and own several, both handguns and long guns. I’ve never really considered carrying a gun on my person.

A couple border on antiquity—keepsakes from relatives and friends now deceased. I’m not opposed to concealed carry, which, by varying degrees, is now legal in every state.

Smith had packed the deactivated 1934 machine-gun and its bayonet, worth £3,000, along with two replica pistols, a Walther PPK and a P38 automatic, and some deactivated rounds of ammunition.

The PPK was held together by Sellotape and the P38 only fires blanks.

Also the grip was shortened, so the clip has only a capacity of 7 rounds.

The shortness was balanced with a magazine-shoe on the bottom.

Yesterday, the incident, in Hoyland, South Yorkshire, landed Smith before a judge after he refused to hand over the historic guns to police for destruction and was charged with possessing an imitation firearm in a public place.

He told Smith at Sheffield Crown Court: “I am quite satisfied that you are not a criminal and this is part of your hobby.

Smith was due to stand trial but Judge Murphy argued that “common sense” should prevail.

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