Virtual online dating assistants

So, if you have, um, unusual taste, a Virtual Dating Assistant might just be what you need.

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Definitely go with PDA until you meet the right girl.

Our track record shows that the bigger the city you live in, the bigger our results for you will be.

How much do the services cost, and where can you find a Virtual Dating Assistant? It's sort of a mixed bag on that one in my opinion.

Prices vary among smaller companies, but the biggest VDA company, Virtual Dating Assistants, offers packages that range from $600 per month for 40 hours of dating assistance to $1200 per month for 80 hours of dating help. I don't think that having someone write your profile, search for possible matches, or even sort through potential dates is unethical in the least.

If you live in a small town, and aren’t willing to travel to the city where enough prospects are located, then PDA is not for you.

Our service is the best in the world for men looking to get the most out of online dating. If you expect us to only get you dates with significantly younger, hotter women, who you wouldn’t normally be dating, then PDA is not for you.

Your personal dating assistant is specialized to do 1 thing; supply you with a constant stream of attractive women to go on dates with.

If you’re looking for a hybrid assistant, who also manages your business affairs, or life in general, then PDA is not for you. PDA offers online dating services for professionals, who don’t have time to fuss with it themselves.

We already outsource the things in our life that are too repetitive, time consuming, or difficult to do ourselves.

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