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This industry-leading technology empowers businesses to deliver a world-class self-service experience at a consumer’s crucial first point of contact, all the way through to issue resolution or task completion.[24]7’s self-service chatbot solutions cover the full spectrum of digital customer experiences, from informational virtual agents deflecting customer support call and email volume, to AI-driven intelligent assistants allowing customers to perform digital transactions within their chosen channel.These solutions are continually fine-tuned based on the 34 million chat conversations that happen annually on the [24]7 Customer Engagement platform.[24]7 offers two powerful chatbot products:[24]7’s chatbots are used across a range of industries, as outlined in the company’s latest executive e Book, Everything You Need to Know About Chatbots, now available for download.Not only do the predictive capabilities of our Virtual Agent lead to improved customer satisfaction scores, but they also free up human agents for more complex, higher-value interactions.”In addition to improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies, [24]7’s chatbots also help reduce Average Handle Time (AHT).

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This primer outlines key considerations for enterprise chatbot deployment, as well as examples of successful implementations including the following:“An intelligent chatbot should perform as well your top agent,” said Scott Horn, chief marketing officer at [24]7.

“The enhancements we’ve made to our Virtual Agent products empower enterprise clients to tap into the power of AI and machine learning to provide dramatically improved experiences for consumers.

Translation memory and glossary included upon request. Translation by a professional mother-tongue translator. Quality evaluation by a second professional mother-tongue translator. Light edit of a machine generated translation by a professional mother-tongue translator to remove the most serious errors only. Valuable translation for understanding or personal use. A chatbot is an AI-powered program that you can “chat with”.

Final quality control by a dedicated project manager. Many businesses have already considered the use of these “virtual assistants” for customer service or tech support purposes, because they make it easy to answer user queries in real time through a messaging platform using the power of machine learning.

BC Hydro, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and Vodafone Qatar are among the more than 160 organizations globally using [24]7’s market-leading Virtual Agent to enhance the digital customer experience.[24]7 Virtual Agent is an intelligent enterprise chatbot that helps consumers find information they need in the moments that matter by delivering automated answers and completing transactions via website, mobile devices, Facebook Messenger and social media channels.

The Virtual Agent can also act as a comprehensive, easy to use knowledge base for live agents and employees.

"On M, we're working on automating as many capabilities as possible." Facebook launched a test version of M last fall as a Messenger-based, human-assisted artificial-intelligence bot that could help users do everything — from booking a date with their spouse to buying flights for their vacation.

Facebook is now letting other businesses use some of the same tools that it has created to develop M. But each of those chatbots will still focus only on functions specific to their business.

Chatbots typically integrate with messaging apps such as We Chat, Facebook Messenger, Whats App etc., and look set to become the preferred channel for conversational commerce, whether it’s for ordering sushi, booking flights, or buying tickets for a concert – anything goes.

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