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VIN will be on the right-hand side; the engine side. Some later models will have the frame number on the rear of the frame.

Vespa 1960s/1970s Largeframe VIN or frame number location is on the frame lip that sticks out under where the cowl meets the frame (directly below the glovebox cowl and above the exhaust pipe tip).

Vespa engine number databese is also provaded next to Vespa frame number within each year or vespa model modifiaction.

In this page you can hava a vespa serial number search or vespa chassis number search Useful articles how to locate VIN number: An Italian vintage Vespa, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is going to start with a "V".

Vespa VIN lookup - List bellow will act as vespa vin decoder and help you help you to decode your Vespa VIN number and year. Vespa VIN number location (Vespa Serial Number Location, Vespa chassis number location) usually is on frame somewhere around engine.

Vintage vespa VIN number is on the frame under the enginge side cowl.

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