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(str Cert Name, str Thumb Print, Len(str Thumb Print), PKI_HASH_SHA1) Debug.Print "Thumb Print(SHA-1, '" & str Cert Name & "')=" & str Thumb Print If UCase(str Thumb Print) = HARD_CODED_THUMBPRINT Then Debug.

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A second public cryptographic key K1, which is related to the private one, is used to change the encrypted message back to its original decrypted form via a second related algorithm.

Learn Why and How to : X 509 Certificates A public key certificate, usually just called a digital certificate or certs is a digitally signed document that is commonly used for authentication and secure exchange of information on open networks, such as the Internet, extranets, and intranets.

We fill this collection with X509 Certificates that are not expired in our store.

The various classes from this namespace allow operations such as creating stores, importing, exporting, deleting, enumerating and retrieving information on certificates.

We have the X.509 certificate for an end user 'Enid'.

Can we trust that Enid's certificate really is the one issued to her?

Asymmetric Cryptography is distinguished by having two different keys, a private key to encrypt messages and a public key to decrypt them.

The cryptographic private key K0 (a suitable array of bytes) is used with an appropriate algorithm to transform the initial human-readable message into a different message that is encrypted.

NET Framework base classes This article explains how to get started with digital signatures, using X509 certificates in . The purpose of digital signatures is to identify data in a way that cannot easily be faked.

Phishing, infected software and illegal contents published by unknown subjects can be prevented with digital signatures.

To delete a certificate you need to do the following: public static bool Delete Certificate(string certificate Name, string store Name, Store Location location) public static bool Delete Certificate( string certificate Name, string thumbprint, string store Name, Store Location location) While this article is not a comprehensive tutorial on the support in the .

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