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You are not confirming that the contents in the package are in good shape.

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Validation is not agreeing with their emotional experience, it is reassuring them that it is okay for them to feel the way they do.

If you order a product and someone calls to confirm that you received it, you might say, “Yes, I got the package.” You are only confirming that you received the package.

When we think of what we can do to nurture our relationship, we often think of tangibles. Perhaps it was a caring teacher in grade school who seemed to know exactly the right thing to say when you were upset.

Think back to a time when you remember feeling really understood.

Establishing these basic connections lays the foundation for emotional safety.

It is this safety that allows us to go out into the world and accomplish our daily tasks.

When parents use validation the emotionality of a person with borderline will decrease.

This strategy will help those with ill spouses and/or ill parents too.

Subordinates often react defensively if they feel they are being punished or threatened by the communication.

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