Validating date with rangevalidator control in

NET validation controls define an important role in validating the user input data.Server-Side Validation: When validation occurs on the server, then it is known as Server-Side Validation.

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You can use it to validate both numbers, strings and dates, which can make it useful in a bunch of cases.

Since we validated numbers the last time, we will try with a date this time.

Shannon Horn is the co-founder and chief software architect of Web Geniuses Corporation ( Hence, many times validation was not performed in a uniform manner, complex validation was difficult to implement, and Web servers were vulnerable to validation scripts being modified by malicious users.

He is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD), Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) who has been developing Microsoft Windows and Web-based solutions as well as training for over 12 years. Shannon lives in Glendale, AZ, and is married with two daughters and a son. Validating the information entered by users is an essential part of developing a professional Web-based user interface.

He is a published author on several subjects including XML, the migration from Visual Basic 6 to VB. In this scenario, if an error occurs while performing validation on the user's computer, the application can directly display the error message on the page that the user is viewing without the page making a round trip to the Web server and then back to the user.

NET, data validation was performed through scripts using either Java Script or VBScript.The date format might seem a bit weird to you if you're not from Europe, where we use dd-mm-yy.You can just change it if it doesn't fit the date format on the machine you're working on.In this article we will introduce with Range Validator control in ASP. If the value is not in specified range then the error message will be displayed. NET is used to check the value which is in specified range or not. However if the user does enter a valid date, the range validator does not display the error message. The problem is postback to the server does not happen once the user submits the page. These drop down list (one each for month, day and year) were populated dynamically.

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