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Thus, the user must enter the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy.Here's a small portion of a datetime class I made once: Note that this assumes all dates use the gregorian calendar, so dates prior to ~1582 might give incorrect results. Observe that the %d format Specifiers in the scanf format string are separated by '/' characters as "%d/%d/%d".

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Its good practice to validate form date values using client side Java Script validation along with your programming language validation.

The following example shows how you can do this for the mm/dd/yyyy format.

An algorithm to determine the validity of a given date is given below. Initially, a flag valid is set to zero (false) indicating that the given date is invalid. (statement sets this flag to 1 (true) if all the required conditions are satisfied.

Note that we have to determine mdays, the number of days in a given month, only if the value of mm is valid.

using namespace std; bool leap Year(int); bool is Date Valid(int, int, int); int main() //end main // is Date Valid function to validate date entered bool is Date Valid(int month, int day, int year) // leap Year function to determine if the year is a leap year for validation bool leap Year(int year) // end leap Year EDIT Okay now my problem is that I am not getting that it is NOT A valid date when it is.

Its skipping the validation all together and just running the "magic date" part of it!

the program prompts for month input until it is in the range [1;12]. If you want to run the program again, after its first execution, move the whole code to a separate function, and execute it in the loop: i tried to do it like this..working ....again there's something wrong with the validation (switch part of it...) like this; enter month:4 enter day:31 enter year:2008 the result is Valid but that should be invalid because its april.. i think my switch case is not help me figure it out? same as "do you want to try again.." if i put bool its error..compiler is turbo c only...

hey friends can you give some example to validate date accepted by user in variable as follows int day; int month; int year; It must validate entered details are correct or not ans It must check that date is more than System date or not Just write a date validation function.

IOW, truly functional/correct date validation is complex.

Don't get over concerned with 'perfect'. Dates present a major set of problems if you try to treat historical dates accurately.

" i want to return it to the start so that can able to try the program again...

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