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Dealing with clustering is a totally different story.

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In the logs I have serveral errors and one Critical level message that is probably causing the fail.

Message is: The Cluster service is shutting down because quorum was lost.

If you want to learn more about all of the options, have a look at this article by Ross Mistry, High Availability Options in SQL Server 2008.

If you read the article, Ross’ summary makes the following statement…

It took quite a lot of effort for us to build a cluster in Windows Server 2003 – from making sure that the server hardware for all nodes are cluster-compatible to creating resource groups.

Microsoft has redefined clustering with Windows Server 2008, making it simpler and easier to implement.S2D supports two types of architectures - converged and hyper-converged.The architecture in this document is hyper-converged.You can create the entire solution in Azure from a template.An example of a template is available in the Git Hub Azure Quickstart Templates.SQL Server comes with a variety of high availability options, including log shipping, replication (transactional, merge, snapshot), database mirroring and failover clusters.

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